Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What Will Your Obituary Say?

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com


Zina said...

My obit said I would die in jail for a lewd behavior yada yada the cat will miss me. If it was lewd behavior I must have been in a New Orleans jail.


My epitaph said:
Zina Monceaux:
"All dressed up and no place to go!"

That's the story of my life.

Jack said...

Teh quiz says:

"Finally, after many miserly years, Jack died with a gleam of hope in their eye.

Jack will be terribly missed by many a local transexual prostitute."

But in real life, it'll say "Here lies Jack... and why not?"

Laurie said...

Zina - Lewd behavior! Good for you!!

Jack - Poor transexual prostitute. So sad, so sad...and why not?

Anonymous said...

Finally, after many miserly years, I died muttering death threats to anyone who would listen. I will be terribly missed by Prince Charles.

-- Hey, Jack, we have "many miserly years" in common!

My Epitaph -- "Buried with less than $5.00 in her pocket!"

Bahahahahaha. Isn't that the truth!

xoxo Poodles

Laurie said...

Poodles - Miserly years and you're only left with $5? Oh, that's too sad. At least you have that Prince Charles thing going for ya.

Your Mom said...

Finally after many miserly years, Ruby Marie Ransonette died of an infected toenail.

She will be terribly missed by the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
(Laurie, Terry, Bonnie & Stuart)

Laurie said...

Mom - I want to be Leonardo!