Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wednesday Night Dreams

It was another boring night, dream-wise. I dreamed about hurricanes which isn't surprising at all and I'm certain hides no deep inner emotional conflict (although I'm sure Anonymous will disagree). The beginning of the night the dreams were centered around getting out of town but I don't specifically remember what the dreams were about or how they ended.

The end of the night, right before I woke up, the dreams were a bit more ominous as areas of my house which previously had no storm damage began to crumble (mostly ceilings) six weeks after the storm. In the dream, I wasn't particularly upset about it though.

I think the dreams are the result of still living in the wake of Hurricane Rita. The aftermath of the storm is still very much a part of our daily lives.

If you've just tuned in, this is the part where you analyze my you go.


Popeye said...

OK, here's my inuitive guess:
You know how someone can tell a story that's an analogy for another idea? The hurrican dream may be about the hurricane but now, in addition to that, its come to mean something to you, too; something major that reflects on your inner life. We make those comparisons in our head without even trying. I think the emotional experience of one thing can remind us of the emotional experience/memory of something else that may seem very different but is still unresolved.
So, this dream may be a memory of the storm but you dreamed it because of something else that's coming along, too. Chances are, its something that feels to be brewing and more and more out of your control; something that worries you but, at this point, you see as somewhat inevitable (the answer would be to make a plan to deal with this thing, now, so that when it comes you're ready - how are your finances?).

The other part about the house may speak to the inevitable feeling of an upcoming emotional storm. In an odd way, if something seems inevitable, its already happened in our head. We've imagined the scenario. So, in the same way there was the impending storm that was something out of your control, so is the now crumbling of your house (maybe something around self-identity? In the same way the house is an image of its owner, the projected self is a image of the real self?). You say you're not worried about it but maybe there's even a sense of relief? Sometimes, if we see inevitablity of change anyway, its a relief when it finally starts to happen. There could be parts of your self-image that are crumbling away that needed to crumble away and you're OK with them crumbling away. The storm has already hit, in some ways, you're ready for this change to some degree. Could be a transformation dream.
OR, I could be full of shit. . .

Abby Taylor said...

It could be what popeye says.

But I think it means you need to drink and have sex.

Dream analysis is easy.

Laurie said...

Popeye - Honestly, you are so good at this. I have convinced myself that things probably aren't going to change in a certain ongoing part of my life, so I have prepared myself in advance for the crumbling.

The self-image thing applies also because I need to learn to let people know what I need to make me happy and I have never done that. I'm going to work on that if I ever want my life to be more fulfilling on a personal/intimate/emotional level.

Abby - Forget it, Popeye. I'm going with Abby's analysis.

eohjkrfglaksjdfhgk said...

Your page style is incredible. I love the notebook look.


Laurie said...

Nicky - Check out the link for Blogs Gone Wild on my sidebar. You can have a groovy looking blog,too.