Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pictures from Friday (Steve's Birthday)

First we have a picture of the sitting area by the bar at the Black Cat. As you will recall from a previous post, this is where a bouncer went bonkers on our ass. Wang Chi has a post up now about that night. Pop on over there and give him your opinion about the whole sordid incident, if you like.

Here we have Jimmy, Steve, Dan, Christi and Terry at The Dixie Dancehall.

Steve, Dan and Terry (also at the Dixie)

Some dude about to bust his ass on the mechanical bull.

Our friend, Luke the Picture Dude, in front of Antones. Antones has a picture of our group that was taken by Luke at the Dixie for Clay's birthday posted in the front window. We're just too cool for school. (The picture is above and to the right of Luke's head.)

The TEN martini bar so-named because it was the tenth venue to open on Crocket Street. We love this place.

Terry, Steve and Alfa at TEN.


CowboyTrance said...

Nice bog, sista. Keep up the good work.

Laurie said...

Cowboy Trance - Thanks! I'll do it.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

That looks like a good time! You know, as little as I've hung out with the Grillos, every time I have has been a memorable one! :) Tell Steve-o I said, "happy belated birthday" and the rest of the fam that I think they're a blast!!! :)

Laurie said...

Jen - Will do. :)