Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksfest at Crockett Street

I went out to Crockett Street for a while tonight for Thanksfest. A $5 entry fee got you into all the clubs and included three bands on the street and three bands in Antone's.

As we neared Crockett Street, there was an ambulance and a firetruck with lights flashing parked at the entrance. I never found out what happened, but it was an exciting way to start the evening. There was also a lot of illegal parking and motorcycles parked willy-nilly all over the place. I love Beaumont.

My main objective for the evening was to see Vallejo. I've seen them at Antone's a couple of times and love their Latin/Rock/Really Cute Lead Singer Guy music style. The last two times I tried to see them, natural disasters intervened, so I was determined to see them this time. However, I mistakenly thought they were playing in Antone's.

After watching Jamie Talbert play in Antone's and waiting for the next band to start, my sister Terry told me she thought Vallejo was going to play on the outside stage. So, Dan and I walked outside and, sure as shit, there was Vallejo. Cool. We watched them sing one song after which Really Cute Lead Singer Guy says, "Thank you! See you next time!" Fuck! I missed them again.

So, we went back into Antone's to watch David Kaiser who is a wonderful singer and musician of the Texas music/rock and roll genre (e.g. Pat Green, Charlie Robison). He was up on stage getting drunk and singing the hell out of Tom Petty and Guy Clark.

Now, if I've paid $30 or $40 for a concert ticket, a loaded lead singer makes me a little nervous. I want my money's worth and I don't want them up there forgetting any lyrics or cussing out the audience. But, for a $5 cover charge to watch four bands, I couldn't wait to see where the beer and shooters took Mr. Kaiser. If he threw up on the hootchie's dancing right close up to the stage, that would have been well worth the cost of admission, $5 well spent.

Of course, this evidently wasn't David Kaiser's first rodeo and the more he drank, the more he kicked ass, musically speaking. However, I left early because I have to cook yams in the morning, but next time I see him, I'm buying that boy a shot.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Texas music rocks.


Lorna said...

My God! Our second mutual thanksgiving, and yours rocks for the second time. Actually, just the picture would have been enough for me. Have a happy one. Lorna

Al said...

I also love Texas Music -
Going to see Delbert McClinton on Wednesday - took Thursday off work!

Laurie said...

Lorna - Hope you had a Happy Thursday!

Al - That sounds like an excellent plan. One should always choose music over work.