Sunday, November 13, 2005

On the menu tonight...

Tonight we started out at Antone's for a nice spicy appetizer of Baton Rouge gumbo in the form of The Cam Pyle Band. We then moved on to the main course of Texas fare at The Star Bar cooked up by David Lee Kaiser and Lee Pelly. We finished off the evening with a touch of smooth, creamy live jazz at the martini bar TEN.

I don't know who was playing the jazz at TEN, but Terry kept going over there to use their restroom rather than wait in line at the Star Bar and when she came back the first time she said, "There's a guy over at TEN standing in the corner playing one of those things we used to play in music class in elementary school. You know, a zephyr. No, a Zamfir. No, that's not it, a...crap. What are they called?"

I offered, "A zither?"

"Yeah! That's it. I think. No, that's not it. Well, maybe that's it."

Thirty minutes later, on her next restroom trip, she came back to the table and said, "Now, there's a three-piece combo over there playing jazz."

"Cool," says I.

Next bathroom trip, she came back and Dan said, "Don't tell us. There's a ten piece orchestra over there now."

"No," she said, "Just the same three guys."

When we left the Star Bar, I said, "We have to pop into TEN and see what's going on."

Guess what. There was a six piece combo in there playing some really great music. By closing time I bet they had more people playing the music than listening to it.


Deek Deekster said...

sounds great! reminds me of Ireland

Abby Taylor said...

Almost was sounding like a Biblical miracle for a while there.

Good times.

Laurie said...

Deek - ...or Louisiana.

Abby - And God said, let there be music. Sounds right.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

Don't you love dem dere Baton Rouge boys??? :)

Laurie said...

Jen - Louisiana men in general have a certain charm.