Saturday, November 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Steve!

Tonight we went out to celebrate my sister's husband's brother Steve's birthday (the picture is Steve, his sister Christi and his brother Dan...3 of the seven Grillo children). Me and Terry and Alfa met at Rio Rita's for Mexican food and margaritas and the Vespa was in the parking lot but I didn't see the Vespa dude so when we left Rio Rita's, we went to TEN and had Sugar Baby Martini's for a while until Steve showed up then we went over to the Star Bar and they were playing 80's music which began a long Michael Jackson conversation which becomes important later and we had a few drinks over there and then we went to the Dixie and we danced for a while and, what do you know, while Steve and I were dancing to a Michael Jackson mix, they announced his birthday, weird, huh?

Then, we went back to TEN where we met an insurance adjuster who was in town from Kansas City (I think) because of Hurricane Rita and he looked just like Sam Kinneson and he told us about some comedian named Shimmel or something and we talked to him for a while then we went to the Black Cat where they told us we couldn't take any pictures which was weird because this isn't New York City or anything so we left and I came home.

The End.


Jen T. (that's me) said...

I love it when you write nice long four-sentence posts. :)


Laurie said...

They usually follow a grande suprema margarita and four sugar baby martinis.

Anonymous said...

"Vespa dude" is very very sneaky.

We went to Rio Rita's about 6, then to Star Bar until 9, then Black Cat until 11, then Dixie until midnight. We even poked our head in Ten for a second!


Laurie said...

Richard - I can't believe I missed you but it was very crowded and I'm not sure I'd recognize you without your Vespa. :)