Sunday, December 05, 2004

Yuckadoo Chronicles

I know I promised to write this last night as soon as I got home but Blogger was going too slow and my brain was going too fast and the two were totally incompatible. So, rather than present the Yuckadoo Chronicles in an alcohol induced haze, I now present them as filtered through an alcohol induced hangover.

First off, an apology to Andrew. By the time I finished plucking, shaving, puffing and poufing, there was no time to buy film so there are (conveniently) no pictures.

I consider any night where I can go bar hopping and hit three or more bars or parties in one night a huge success. One of the reasons I love Vegas and New Orleans so much is that I like to keep moving and unless a band is playing to keep my attention, I want to move on to the next adventure after an hour or so. In Vegas and New Orleans, you don't even have to get in a car. Perfect! I think I would love New York City. I'll have to do that sometime.

Last night we managed four different venues. Venue number one was the Hibachi/Sushi bar where I had sushi, Hibachi Scallops, and a Mai Tai. At this point our group was Lela, Marvin, Tracey, Davie, me and Mary Beth. Cari and Jeff called us and said they were going to Madison's to eat which would become our venue number two. We had a couple of drinks there and then proceeded to the party, venue number three.

The party was great. There was a huge tent in the backyard and several coolers of Yuckadoo Punch. I loved the Yuckadoo Punch (vodka, lemons, limes and sugar that had been fermenting for several days). We spent most of our night watching one particular girl who none of us knew who we singled out as "the most drunk girl at the party." She would approach everyone she knew with the finesse of a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. I literally saw her almost knock over several large men with her enthusiastic WWF influenced "hugs." I quit watching her when she got too close to the fire pit because, if she had fallen in, it would have killed my buzz.

We tried to get Marvin to act like he knew her and approach her with a big hello and start talking to her like they were long lost friends just to see what she would do. However, Marvin, wisely declined our dare in genuine fear of bodily injury and not wanting to have to take a cab to the emergency room because he knew none of us would leave the party to drive him if stitches were required.

Around midnight most of the people from our office had left so me and Sue and her husband Randy and Cheri and her sister (sorry, I forgot the sister's name) went to The West, venue four. At The West (which is about 1/2 mile from my house, the perfect distance to end an evening) we had one last drink and talked and gossiped (yes, about all of you who wussed out too early...if you don't want to be gossiped about, you have to suck it up and stay to the bitter end).

Sue got in a "do loop" and kept telling us over and over again about how she spent the night before at her sister's house and had to sleep in the same bed with her cousin, her niece and a Maltese dog and she woke up in the morning staring into the face of the Maltese and all she could see were the black eyes and the black nose and that it looked like one of those baby seals. I am not exaggerating when I tell you she told us this story at least eight times in the short time we were there. One time she said it and then immediately said it again as though it were a different story with different inflections and facial expressions but with the same content. It was hilarious.

Christy, thanks for a great party and we're all looking forward to next year. I'm pretty sure that somewhere in your house or backyard there's a blonde chick still hugging people this morning. Call Marvin. He'll come get her.


Mommy said...
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Mommy said...
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Mommy said...

Bonjour, all you hungover Yuckadooers (or Yuckadon'ters). Looks like you all had a fabulous time last night. I, like the good little church mouse I am, climbed into bed sometime around 11:45 (just after I watched the re-run of Ashlee Simpson's lip-sync tape f*** up) without the threat of a fermented vodka/lemon/lime/sugar stroke looming over my head. I would have loved to have been there to see the Green Bay Packer Chick, Tracey's Social Tourette's (blog pending), Marvin's saucy (and sauced, I'm sure) wit, and Davie (no more words needed there). See y'all tomorrow. Au revoir!

Mommy said...

Blogger must have been at that party last night... It's posted that last comment about 50 times.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for an update on Tracey's Social Tourette's Syndrome -- random, spontaneous niceties -- just terrible!

Lorna said...

WWF Girl falls into firepit, kills Laurie's buzz---it would make a great National Enquirer headline! I presume that since it's on your blog, I can use it when I deem it appropriate? Lorna

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting of the Uncle Robert story. Still cracks me up. BonnieSue

Laurie said...

Thanks for the Comment! I'm glad you guys are finally figuring it out! Bye.