Thursday, December 23, 2004

Holiday Smells

I like the holiday fragrances of pine and cinnamon and spice as much as the next guy but the scents that really get me going are the ones that hit you in the nostrils when you walk into a bar: men's cologne, cigarette smoke and beer.

Merry Bar-Hopping to All and to All a Really Good Night.


Lorna said...

Dave and I went to a party tonight, and the smells were totally subjugated by my new ginger-scented roll-on pulsepoint perfume. My recommendation: avoid scents that smell like food---people kept licking my neck. It was a good party. But in the new year, I've got to get back into bar-hopping---it sounds so sophisticated, and you don't have to bring your own wine.

Have a Merry Christmas, or if that's offensive, a happy holiday.

Laurie said...

People licking your neck?! Sounds like a good party indeed. Where do buy such a fabuloso concoction?