Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Who You Gonna Call?

CANBERRA (Reuters) - An Australian phone company is offering customers the chance to blacklist numbers before heading out for a night on the town so they can reduce the risk of making any embarrassing, incoherent late-night calls.

I'm not a "drunk caller." I am a notorious “angry note writer.” That’s actually worse than being a “drunk caller” because my exes have written proof of my temporary insanity.

I can’t help myself. I am so non-confrontational, that the thought of actually spewing my feelings to someone who can walk away or hang up on me or act indifferent to my ranting horrifies me. My illogical logic is that if I put everything on paper, I won’t be interrupted or forget anything in the heat of a totally unacceptable confrontational moment.

My experience has been that note writing is a useless and unproductive way to express anger, resentment, disappointment or, basically, any emotion. If I’m doing the breaking up, that’s done face to face. I only write the notes when I feel like I’m being phased out for a newer model. So, I guess the outcome would never be good anyway.

I’ve only written these horrible “pox on you and your family” soliloquys three times (I might be the princess of note writing but I’m the queen of relationship avoidance) and the men I wrote them to spoke to me again, eventually. However, the notes or the reasons for them have never been discussed. That’s the way I like it. All emotions safely bottled up where they belong.

I need therapy. If only I could find a therapist who would treat me by e-mail, I’d be golden.

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Lorna said...

I'd tell you how amused I was by your post, but I keep my emotions in a black velvet bag under my bed.l