Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cold Feet

I got on the elevator this morning with two men. One of them I have seen often enough to be on a friendly-good-morning-how-you-doin’ basis. The other guy I had never seen before so I put him in the small-smile-with-a-slight-nod category. The new guy hit the button for the third floor which houses the Beaumont branch of the FBI.

After we boarded the elevator, I looked down at the FBI guy’s feet and he was wearing sandals. The temperature this morning was around 35 degrees which I consider too cold for sandals. Of course, I consider 35 degrees too cold for anything. We'll pause a moment for Lorna (in Canada), Astrid (in the Netherlands) and Deek (in London) to say things like, "you think that's cold?" Yes, I think that's cold.

Except for the stupid flip-flops, FBI guy was dressed all warm and cozy in flannel and denim. When he got off the elevator, I asked the other guy if he noticed that FBI guy was wearing sandals. He said, "Yeah, maybe he's undercover." As what, I thought? A flip-flop wearing loony?

It was a short ride but I gave his feet a thorough eye-balling. I didn't even try to hide the fact that I was staring at his feet hoping he would explain why his tootsie's were so blatantly exposed. I checked out his toes (no ingrowns), looked for bunions (none) and examined for bullet holes (nada).

Maybe he has to keep his super secret FBI shoes at the office because they have tiny guns in them and they wouldn't pass through security. Maybe he put on his sandals to go out and get the paper and then forgot to put on his normal 35-degree weather shoes with a pair of nice warm argyle socks. Maybe he's just a loony.


Lorna said...

Maybe he knew about your overwhelming interest in feet, and was coming on to you in a goofy, FBI-subtle way

Laurie said...

Oh, I like the sound of that!

Zina said...

ok I read this statement to one of my employees who is goofy enough to dress like the guy in this story and he said

"maybe its a religious thing."

there you go. From one loony guy to another.
Are you sure it was a man and not a lesbian? They are known to dress in flannel and sandals

Laurie said...

Oh Zina Bina, I'm pretty sure this guy (?) wasn't a lesbian but you never can tell these days. I'll check him out more closely next time I see him. I might even muster up the nerve to ask him about the damn sandals.