Sunday, December 19, 2004

Is There a Doctor in the House?

After watching television off and on all day, I have to comment on the drug company commercials. Most of them I saw today, were during two of the most popular primetime television programs which I'm sure have sky high advertising rates.

These drug companies are spending millions and millions of dollars to convince me to tell my doctor what drug to prescribe? That's insanity. How the hell would I know what drug I need to take to be strong enough for chemotherapy? And I certainly know nothing about toe fungus, erectile dysfunction or herpes.

Do they think that if my doctor writes a prescription for one medicine that I'm going to say, "Oh, no. I want the other drug. You know, the one they advertised during "Desperate Housewives." That looked good to me. I have no medical training but I do watch a lot of television so I now know all about what medications I should be taking."


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Lorna said...

Eerily reflective of my reactions---especially with the doctor I have: a no-nonsense, cuts-his-own-hair, pierces-his-own-ears kind of new thinker who would want to know why I was diagnosing myself when I could be writing speeches for politicians. That is, if I could get an appointment in his 6-hour-a-day, 4 day-a-week schedule. That sounds catty, but really I admire him for making his choices around his family---I guess he has time to cut their air and pierce their ears too.