Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Best Comeback

My sister-in-law, Kim, has a sister named Keri. Many years ago (it would have been the late 80's), a bunch of us went out to Pappasito's in Houston for my brother's birthday. Keri is a beautiful girl. She's the kind of girl that catches the eye of every person in the room when she walks in.

On this particular night, she was particularly beautiful in a hot pink fuzzy angora sweater. After sitting on the patio waiting for our table and consuming several pitchers of margaritas, they finally called us to to be seated. As we were walking to our table, an obviously drunk guy approached Keri. He was one of those Mr. Smooth characters who thinks they can have any woman in the room on the power of their imagined charm and good looks.

Mr. Smooth got right in Keri's face and asked, "Is that cashmere?" referring to her sweater. Dumbass. A guy worthy of Keri would know the difference between cashmere and angora.

Keri, without missing a beat, looked Mr. Smooth right in the eyes and said, "Are those Bugle Boys?"

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