Saturday, December 25, 2004

No Apologies

I've received and read a lot of holiday greetings this year with apologies and/or caveats attached. I have seen things like, "Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)" and "If Merry Christmas is too offensive, Happy Holidays". I'm sure a lot of people, aren't even mentioning the "C" word or extending holiday greetings at all for fear of offending someone.

I know that if someone told me "Happy Hannukah", I would think, "How sweet." Or, "Merry Kwanzaa", I would say, "How nice. Thank you." I am neither black nor Jewish but I would appreciate the thought that someone wished me well especially during a time of year that was spiritually important to them.

Bring on your well wishes during your Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year and all of your Muslim holidays. I accept blessings in any form you want to give them.

Merry Christmas to all, and I do mean all, of you!


Lorna said...

Eerie again---I just wrote about this strange phenomenon, and at the same time, sent you one of those Merry Merry unless you're Muslim notes. Aaaarrrrgghh! it does make one crazy; you just came at it from a positive perspective. Good choice....I'm getting tired of hearing myself whine, maybe I'll take a leaf from your book.

jsdaughter said...

I love your view on this. Merry Christmas!

Zina said...

First of all, this has nothing to do with this post, but I"m just curious??? Why do people insist on going to the movies on Christmas day? One lady even wanted to know why we didn't have an interpreter for her--She was seeing SPANGLISH and she was Hispanic and she spoke in ENGLISH...well, that's one for the stupid questions book.

BUT my main reason for posting on this comment area is that I saw a movie once, where the little girl kept telling every "MERRYCHRISTMAS,HAPPYHANUKAH!" to everyone so she wouldn't offend anyone.

M.W. Shaw said...

Good for you about the political correctness business, madame! I like your thinking. Merry Christmas to you, also!