Saturday, December 31, 2005

I Like Dreamin'

A month or so ago, I did a post about a dream I had and asked for dream interpretations from the crowd. Popeye is especially good at this. The reason for this dream post is that last night I had the same strange incident happen to me in two separate dreams in the same night. I don't recall ever having that happen to me before.

In the first dream, I'm driving along a dark road with my mother in the back seat. I don't remember if anyone is beside me in the front seat. My dad is following in a van. As I'm driving along, suddenly my headlights go out. I can't see anything. It's like I'm completely blind. I can hear my dad telling me to keep driving, they'll come back on eventually but I'm terrified. My mom, tells me to wait a minute and she shines a tiny flashlight through the windshield which helps for a moment and then everything goes black again.

I finally decide to try to pull off the road and wait for the lights to come back on but I'm frightened because I'm not sure where the side of the road is or if I'll actually be off the road when I stop the car. I manage to pull off the road and after a few seconds, the lights come back on and I drive away terrified that it will happen again. I have no idea where we were driving to or how I felt about where we were going.

In the second dream, I'm by myself in the car and, once again, I don't remember where I was going, but the lights go out again throwing me into complete darkness with the car still moving. This time the darkness comes in shorter intervals and I just keep slowly driving each time the lights go out. I don't remember anyone being in the car with me and I think I woke up before the end of that dream. It wasn't quite as frightening as the first dream because I remembered having the lights go out on me before even though the dreams weren't actually connected in any way other than the headlights going off.

Any ideas?


Sophmom said...

I've heard that vehicles in dreams represent your life. Perhaps you're at one of those junctures in life when you're evaluating direction? Sounds scary to me.


No way, not on Saturday morning. It'll be hard enough just to type that right into the verification field.

Popeye said...

This really sounds a whole heck of a lot like your linked dream. I'm thinking sophmom is pretty right. I'd add a few guesses. . .

The one things that seems to have changed is that you're driving in this dream instead of being driven. So, maybe instead of feeling as though your life is moving along and you're not having as much of an effect on it (the train) you've recognized you're in the driver's seat now. You have some sort of control over where you're going (even though you may feel directionless, you're not - not exactly knowing the direction you're going and being directionless are not the same thing). For this journey you're on, you need calm persistence (this is one of the things your Dad means to you) and cautious pragmatism (this is one of the things your Mom means to you). However, that little flashlight your Mom gave you in this case will only go so far in this case and the advice your Dad's giving you may work better for him, not you. You need to do this your own way (chances are you almost always have when you look back at where you've come from).

In real life, you also probably feel closer to your Mom (she's in the back seat) than your Dad (he's following in an entirely different vehicle that you can't see in to [in my head, I'm seeing not a windowed passanger van but a white, non-descript utility-like van with no windows on the side, right?]). Still, his kind of support is present and you feel close to him in the way you think (you hear it even though you don't see him - this is an important kind of intimacy to know about and celebrate with him - some of your best conversations with him are probably heart stuff masked as head stuff).

The pulling off to side of the road thing is safer. You need to take a little bit of break, go easy with your self-critique (that may be projection, I think that when I critique myself, I'm looking at myself in the way some part of me thinks my parents looked at me), think a little bit where you want to go/do - who you want to love and how you want to love them - then keep moving. And, yep, it will be scary and you'll find yourself in the dark again but that'll change. Maybe you don't exactly where you're going because YOU are actually making the path, making the road. Sort of like your post from a few days, we do make our own reality in many ways.

The second one's easier and less complex but I do think its related to the first one, it may actually even be a continuation of the first one after your mind figured out you're on your own. But, when you make your own way, when you make your own decisions, you are calmer. You know this (that's why you dreamed about it). You're a great relationship person with a wide variety of friends and family who care about you a lot. You've probably been supportive of them and they want to be supportive of you. But, ultimately, its just you, right? Sure, you may end up in the dark once in a while, and you may have no clue where you're going to end up but have you ever really known where you would end up? Did you expect to be where you are now, doing what you're doing? I didn't think so. You're making the path.

This seems like a good dream to end this year with. You're starting to realize you're in the drivers seat, now. You didn't really feel that way a few months ago. This seems like progress, to me. Those are my guesses. . .

Hey, baby. . .

Happy New Year!

Laurie said...

Sophmom - I'm always re-evaluating my direction. The only thing I'm sure of is I don't want to go backward.

Popeye - To quote Seinfeld, I am speechless...I am without speech. You even nailed the freakin' van my dad was driving. I'm telling you. That was amazina!!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Popeye - I almost forgot: How YOU doin' and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like too much Tequila to me! And to confirm my opinion, my ID tonight is "wozyooo!"

JustLinda said...

I think it's the emotion in the dream that is key. You were afraid of the unknown.

Are you expecting any changes in your path in life? Or is your future "unknown" and this is scary to you?

Popeye said...

Huh. I kinda keep hoping I get one of these things way, way wrong. I'm freakin' myself out, man.
Eh, Happy New Year back atcha. You know what I'm sayin'?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

See, on New Year's Eve, you were doing karaoke at the local bar. You drank so much you didn't remember trying to sing "When the Lights Went Out in Georgia."

Pretty meaningless, all in all, I'd say.

Lorna said...

I'm so glad I read Popeye and Sophmom before I made a fool of myself analyzing your dream. However, just in case, keep lots of batteries in your glovebox and Godiva chocolates in that zippered compartment in your handbag---you just never know.

Laurie said...

Anonymous - It's always too much tequila and I LOVE your word o' the day.

Just Linda - Going forward with my life is often like I'm doing it with my eyes closed.

Popeye - It's weird for sure. It's kind of like those psychic detectives on Court TV who can tell the cops about crimes over the telephone. Seriously, that's how close you get on your dream analysis with me.

Old Horsetail - How about "These Boots Were Made for Walking" or "Harper Valley PTA"?

Lorna - Now, that's some good advice.

Tracey Trogdon Blackmon said...

I've always had the opinion that driving a car (in a dream) is what is happening "now" or the "near future". For example, I often dream that I am driving up a really high bridge in the dark (of course) and I am really nervous about going over the peak [interpretation of worrying about what is coming up, or what will happen next in my life]. I also frequently dream I am driving and can't get the car to stop (brakes)[interpretation of feeling out of control/unable to stop current events in my life]. Sorry, I didn't mean this post to be about ME. I just wanted to confirm what others were saying. After a less-than-great-very-eventful-2005, I think I can validate the dreams' interpretations.

Laurie said...

Tracey - Glad you're back at the keyboard. I also have the dream about not being able to stop the car. I hate that one.