Friday, December 23, 2005

Today's Plan

This is the plan for today:
  1. Lunch
  2. Spec's
  3. Target
  4. Rio Rita's for dinner (6-ish)
  5. Mark Fiorenza's party at the Black Cat (8-ish)
  6. Antone's for the Kaiser Family Christmas (10-ish)
  7. More Black Cat (12-ish - party shuts down at 3:00 a.m.)
  8. Blogging While Intoxicated (I drove last night. Bonnie doesn't know it, yet, but she's the designated driver tonight.)
If you see me on Crockett Street tonight, stop me and say Merry Christmas!!!


Jill said...

Have fun and a Merry Christmas. Political correctness is not in my vocabulary.

Bob said...

No sex?

Tanda said...

You're gonna end up on Santa's naughty list if you're not careful. (wink)

Take care and enjoy the holiday. BTW, what'cha puttin' in your eggnog this year?

Laurie said...

Jill - Merry Christmas to you, too!

Bob - Perhaps I can squeeze in some sort of improvised "mile-high club" action in one of the bars. I'm on a tight schedule here.

Tanda - Merry Christmas to you! Regarding what I'm putting in the eggnog: my face.

Fri Dec 23, 02:56:37 PM 2005

Astrid said...

Target, I know, but what kind of store is Spec's? Over here we have a store called Specsavers and it sells glasses, is it similar to that store or isn't it a store?

Astrid said...

And yeah, I wish you a holy joly merry X-mas too!!! Even though I didn't see you on Crockett Street! That's legal, right?

Sophmom said...

Merry Christmas, Laurie! It sounds like you're rolling in this holiday with hearty partying! Enjoy!!

Laurie's Mom said...

While my party animals, Laurie and Bonnie, are enjoying the Holiday, I will answer your question, Astrid. Spec's is a very large Store that sells everyting from the cheapest Beer to the most expensive Wines, along with party food. The place everyone goes when planning to party or have a large party at home. A very busy place this time of year. TO LAURIE AND BONNIE, ENJOY AND PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL.

Mom said...

Laurie, this does not pertain to your "Today Schedule", but check out the Biggest Catfish caught on National It was caught in Thailand in the Mekong Delta. The villagers ate that sucker. My word verification was
- gkxvhwcw. Weirdest one yet.

Laurie said...

Astrid - Spec's is a really big liquor store.

Astrid (part 2) - I wish I could see you on Crockett Street one day. You would love it!

Sophmom - We had a blast! Merry Christmas!!!

Mom - I saw the catfish! Holy crap!!! I'll be posting about it soon.