Monday, December 05, 2005

Miss New Orleans Blog Layout

I recently deleted the legal pad background and I have had some requests to put it back. I kind of like the clean white look while some readers say it hurtses their eyeses. Let's see if this poll thingy works. Majority rules.

Miss New Orleans Blog Layout
Which layout background do you prefer for this blog?
Yellow Legal Pad
I don't give a crap.
Make up your own damn mind.
Who died and made me boss?
This Poll by lauriea776
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Peter said...

Hi Laurie, I voted for white so if it only gets one vote that's me.

Ed Abbey said...

Having a yellow legal pad back for your blog is what makes your blog unique on a once over glance. It is what caught my eye the first time. Of course reading what is on that yellow paper is unique within itself.

Lorna said...

Given my choice, beige is always my vote. Hah! I liked the legal pad, but find the plain text easier to read. Flipfloppingly yours, Lorna

Laurie said...

Peter - White got a few votes but it looks like the yellow legal pad is going to win.

Ed - Thanks, Ed. That's nice.

Lorna - I agree that the plain text is easier to read and I really thought that would be the preference. I actually like the plain white myself but vanilla ice cream is also my favorite. Boring!

Jack said...

Much better. I'm happy to see that you've returned to your senses.

Laurie said...

Jack - What can I say? Jack was right. His minion have spoken.

Dick said...

Yellow legal pad is all I have ever known. First the hurricane, now the yellow legal pad! My God, what's next? Close the remaining Pig Stand on Calder?

Laurie said...

Dick - Oh, my. I'm Rita, Jr. I apologize. The legal pad stays.

Anonymous said...

If you really feel the need to change something, paint a wall in your apartment a different color, but leave your blog alone!!!

Laurie said...

Anonymous - Maybe I'll dye my hair. Perhaps, blonde with aqua a legal pad.