Thursday, December 15, 2005

Can Wash Tall Windows in a Single Swish

We have a window-washer at our building today. This is always an exciting day for the girls in the office. One of the girls in my e-mail sewing circle alerted the group that a crotch in a harness just went past her window.

I told her that when he comes to my window, I’m going to put on my XM radio earphones, hold the radio in my left hand while pointing the portable satellite antenna at him with my right hand and pretend like I’m trying to get a signal. Fav File Clerk said she will come down and point her cell phone at him like she’s taking his picture as I try to arrange him into the perfect satellite-window washer-XM radio triangulation.

Jen T. said we should also throw some dollar bills at the window as he does his thing. I wonder if OSHA would have a problem with any of this.


Jen T. (that's me) said...

Good lord, I do miss working in that office. :) Thank goodness for the email box.

jessica said...

you girls sounds sooooooooo fun.

Laurie said...

Jen - We miss you, too. Hope you're enjoying your new job.

Jessica - We do have some fun. I liked your blog.

Danno said...

Speaking of being terrified while washing windows (j/k), did anyone see this video??!!

I almost soiled myself thinking about being on that platform. Yow. I'm not afraid of heights, but I would be after this ordeal.

LG said...

When exactly do, y'all do legal work?

Maybe this is why the legal system is so slow?



Zina said...

Slow day for blogging?

Laurie said...

Danno - Oh, I forgot about that! That was horrible. It's not that I fear heights. I fear falling off of things.

LG - We are very talented. We can watch window washers, send and answer e-mails and do a solid 8 hours of work (our hands never leave the keyboards) without missing a beat. Legal secretaries/paralegals are the smartest and best employees in the world.

Zina - Hey, men on scaffolds. Need I say more?

Ed Abbey said...

I feel like a piece of meat for being a man and even reading this post.

I thought women wanted money so I became an engineer. Had I known they really wanted just a crotch in a harness, I could have saved myself a lot of time.

LG said...

...nuff said.

Laurie said...

Ed - We actually want both...preferably in the same guy. Oh, and don't forget the brains. Lots and lots of brains.

LG - ;)

Anonymous said...

That reminds me...I wonder who does our windows at NOAA?



Laurie said...

Sudie - Probably someone from FEMA.