Monday, December 19, 2005

By Special Request

Lonnie and Poodles

Who is that umbrella-ed man?


Susan in St. Paul said...

What were they requesting?
People unable to view Flickr pics?

Where did you get that umbrella-ed hat anyway? I kind of like it.

zlletawy-zooey little laughing eunuchs try avacadoes with yams.

Susan in St. Paul said...

sorry that is "avocados"

qycsz-quick yell "cheese" says Zoe

Laurie said...

Susan - Poodles (Janice) left a comment on the Tracy Byrd post asking why Poodles never gets a pic posted. The umbrella hat was part of my Mai Tai costume. Merry Christmas!!!

*moitp* - Make only individual tarts please.

Jack said...

What kind of a sick, deranged mind would request something like that?

The word was: "oxnzyaj": Old Xerxes nabbed Zoe's yaya and jugs.

But I must have typed it wrong, and it gave me "mcfoq". I think that one speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. What an adorable photo of Lonnie and me. I'd like to have a print of that!

As for umbrella man, he's just jealous because it's me in the pic with Lonnie and not him. So, get back Jack!!! xoxo Poodles

Laurie said...

Jack - My fans aren't deranged. I can't speak for the sick part.

Excellent use of yayas and jugs in a sentence.

Anonymous - I think you can order prints off of Flickr. Poor Jack. Maybe I'll Photoshop him into the pic.

*jmwuagmf* - "Jack's merlot was unusually acidic," gagged Mr. French.

Sophmom said...

Jack & his "words" still have me laughing.

"jkoca"- just kiss on certified aces

Laurie said...

Sophmom - That Jack is a laugh riot.

*gybpaba*: Give your bondage paraphernalia a break already.