Friday, December 30, 2005

I Am Not An Animal!

A breaker has been blown here at the office and my electric stapler and XM radio have lost power. I cannot work in these primitive conditions.


Susan in St. Paul said...

Poor Laurie!

Well you could listen to internet radio. I have been listening to a bbc radio program from wednesday on South Africa Cheftains and women's dress (they are connected except by the show host). There are all sorts of radio options on line.

I hope you have a back up stapler.

*uffbanhq* unfortunately Fred's family began a new horrible qwest.

(Hey Laurie, maybe we could make a story of these things, like the next person some how continue the qwest with their words? Okay, its just an idea .... its snowing hard here, I am working for home... I need chocolate but that would mean getting dressed and unburying the car

Larry Jones said...

But Susan, how would we verify that each person is using their real challenge word? I mean, I would, and you would, but what about all the rest? (And sometimes I'm not so sure about you...)

Hope you get your chocolate somehow. They should have emergency all-weather deliveries in places like St. Paul.

Laurie said...

Susan - I could not live in all that snow.

Regarding the radio, my computer here at the office doesn't have speakers.

Regarding the word verifier chain, I've thought of creating a blog where everyone could contribute and it would be a continuous story with everyone writing portions like that e-mail story about the college exam. It's a work in progress.

Larry - Cheating would be implied with this group.

*cvsai* - Can vodka stifle all inhibitions?

Sophmom said...

I think you should shut it down and go home! Of course, I think I should shut it down and go home, and our power's fine.


each said every one another m-f

(not very nice, but pretty hard to resist) :p

Sophmom said...

Alright, that sounded mean. I didn't mean for it to be mean!


remove from every delighted head possible predictions of dancing

Laurie said...

Sophmom - That wasn't mean! In fact, they turned us loose at 3:30 p.m. I'm at home now, woo hoo!

Now, *removing predictions of dancing* from delightful heads. That's mean. ;)

*zlwjms* - Zero love will justify most sins.

Peter said...

How primitive Laurie, no electric stapler I'll just bet you are supposed to sharpen pencils by hand too.

amuqfari, I give up!!

Laurie said...

Peter - Sharpen pencils by hand? Well, whatever do you mean?

*estswbg* - Every single teacher should wear battle gear.

Sophmom said...

ROTFLMAO! Now THAT'S funny, Laurie!


Felicity even overcomes in morning x-over

(Sorry about the negative dancing prediction! I hope I was wrong.)

Laurie said...

Comment e-mail test.