Saturday, March 19, 2005

*!#&(*&#!!! - Part 1

Things that make me curse wildly out of proportion with the incident at hand:
  • Paper cuts (F**k!)
  • Stubbing my pinky toe hard (S**t!)
  • Printing a long document, pulling it out of the printer and I've run out of ink (DAMMIT!!!)
  • Banging my head hard on the corner of something (G**DAMMIT!!!!!)
  • Turning on a light and the bulb goes pop (I stand there in the dark like an idiot cussing like Fred Flintstone) (Sunovab**ch!!)
  • Touching my neck with the curling iron (G**damn Motherf**ing Son-of-a-b**ch!!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!!, etc., etc., etc. -- this one goes on for a while.)


Astrid said...

*Astrid quickly covers her eyes* I don't think my mom would accept me reading these words. Next time I'll visit this Blog, I'll come under parental guidence, okay?

Zina said...

My big one is hitting my knee (on anything hard and sharp)right at the spot that makes my knee cap lose its place for a second and then snap back. oucha ma gaucha!

(is that spelling correct?)

Laurie said...

Astrid, will your mom be upset with oucha ma gaucha? Zina, I'm still cracking up at that one. Oucha ma gaucha, hee hee.