Friday, March 25, 2005

Blogger Tip

I've read a lot of posts lately lamenting the fact that Blogger keeps eating their posts. The first time I lost an article to the voracious Blogger demons, I felt like my brain was melting. All of the pithy cleverness gone into some blogging black hole never to be seen again. The painstaking writing and rewriting to get that perfect turn of phrase gone, evaporated into thin air.

But I outsmarted the sneaky bastard. To keep my posts from becoming Blogger burgers, I create all of my posts in Word or in a new e-mail window and then copy and paste to the Blogger editing box. Now Blogger can munch away, I always have a backup.

Take that, you evil Blogger eater of the semi-brilliant, semi-funny, semi-poignant excrement which flows from my semi-alert brain. Hah!

1 comment:

Zina said...

Sounds like someone needs a trip to NEW ORLEANS....or like the sign says....U NEED A BISCUIT!