Wednesday, March 23, 2005

American Idol Do-Over

American Idol is performing a do-over tonight because of a mix-up in the graphics for the call-in numbers which run at the end of the show. My guess is that the poor sap who ran the wrong graphics is downtown filing for unemployment as we speak.

It doesn’t seem like performing the songs again should be the solution. American Idol voting has always been based on that one performance. You don’t get another shot. If you sucked, you sucked. We’ve all seen some of our favorites voted off early based on one mediocre rendition of their particular song choice.

One of my co-workers put it this way:
When I read the info on the Washington Post's site, I got the impression that encore performances would be a replay of last night’s performances, but that they would have Ryan hosting live. But when I went to the AI site, I realized there will be live performances, not just a replay from last night. I believe the performances from last night should be the ONLY criteria in the vote tonight. Of course, you can always base your vote on previous performances even if your pick doesn’t do as well as last night. I don't think anything new should be added to the mix.

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