Saturday, November 06, 2004

Who's That Man?

Sometimes, my mom and my sister, Bonnie, get up early on Saturday mornings and hit the garage sales in my mom's neighborhood. Mom and dad live in a very nice neighborhood so the garage sales usually have some pretty good stuff for cheap. Plus,they're just nosy. I prefer to sleep.

This morning Bonnie drove over to mom's and they drove to a couple of the houses that were a few blocks away but still in the neighborhood. On the way home, they noticed one right around the corner from mom's house.

They got out of the car and as they got closer to the merchandise area, to their horror, they saw my dad. He had walked down the street in the flannel Halloween sleeping pants my mom had made him, a stained shirt (which did not in any way match the pants), messed up hair (what's left of his hair) and without his bridge work. Did I mention it's a very nice neighborhood?

That'll teach you to not lock dad in the house when you leave.


Just Sue said...

This is where you do a swift "about face" and casually, but quickly, make your way back to the car. Breaking into a full sprint if you hear a familiar voice in the background saying, "Bonnie? Is that you?!"

hatteraspainter said...

I can't imagine your dad looking that bad! Must be your over active imagination at work. And while I can't speak for your dad I can attest that most men (dusting off my 20+ yr. old sweater) dress very well. Don't mind that smudge on my slacks that's just a little dried grease form the time I tried to fix the car. Well yes there a few holes in my socks but other than the holes they're in very good shape. What's that my shoes? Oh well they're comfortable and don't look that bad. Yes I know I've got razor stubble all over my face, but it's a weekend who shaves on a Saturday morning. My sympathies for your poor dad having to live with 3 woman.

Laurie said...

My poor dad has 3 daughters and his wife to give him hell, and we do. There is a son but he and his family moved to Arkansas so dad's on his own.