Sunday, November 07, 2004

Wings and Things

Friday night was one of those 3-for-1 deals. We started at Buffalo Wild Wings straight from work. At that point, there were about ten of us but we gradually lost people until, by the end of the night, it was just me and Carly and Tracey. A word of caution about Buffalo Wild Wings, never choose a sauce from column three.

Our next stop after Buffalo Wild Wings was Bath Junkie ( for a private shopping party. If you guarantee five people will spend at least $20 each, you can have a party after the store closes to the public. Bath Junkie is this amazing place where they mix your own bath products to your individual fragrance and color specifications. There are over 200 fragrances to choose from and you can mix and match the fragrances! It was great. Oh, and you can bring booze. Care to guess why we booked a party there?

We made a huge bowl of Mary Beth's Sangria Punch recipe and had a wonderful time. Sue wins the prize for the best fragrance mix (Sensual + Soft Powder). She kept insisting that everyone smell her. ("That's nice, Sue. Now, go let Destiny smell you.") Shannon was over by the robes persuading Davie to buy a gorgeous, rather expensive bath robe. I have a feeling Davie woke up Saturday morning trying to figure out exactly why she just had to have another bath robe.

My fragrance combination was Forest Rain and Light Musk which everyone agreed smelled a lot like the cologne "Mr. Smell Good" wears to work. I had all my products tinted a lovely pink shade because of the slightly masculine scent. Because my fragrance combination smelled so much like "Mr. Smell Good" a couple of the other girls used my scent for their products. I was flattered although I have a feeling their decision had nothing to do with my fragrance mixing skills.

Our next stop was Comedy Texas, the comedy club here in Beaumont. As I mentioned before, everyone crapped out on us and only Tracey, Carly and I made it to the comedy club. All of the comics were good. There were a few hecklers. I don't understand why comedy clubs don't enforce a zero tolerance policy for hecklers but that shall be a topic for a future blog entry.

Tracey got so annoyed at the heckler sitting to her left that she started heckling the heckler. She even looked at me one time and said, "Make him stop!" She was serious. I don't know what she thought I could do. I'm not exactly the barroom brawl type. I suppose I could have grabbed "Monkey Dick" (that was what the comedian on stage called him) by the ear and twisted real hard but I'm pretty sure he would have kicked my ass. I really didn't want to call "Mr. Smell Good" to bail us out of jail...again.

(Just kidding about the "again" part, mom.)

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