Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dear Abbie Normal,

I am troubled by the tenor of the broadcast networks these days. First it was Janet Jackson's appearance at the Super Bowl- and what a flop that was. Then NASCAR fined it's drivers for using words like 'possum drops' over the air. Now, I think it's gone too far. Monday Night Football raised a stink when Nicolette Sheridan of 'Desperate Housewives' disrobed and jumped into the arms of a black football player in a promotional spot prior to the most recent game.

Is that not hypocrisy at it's best? We just went through an exhaustive presidential election. For two years the airwaves hammered us again and again with the travails of Dick, Bush and two Johns. I'm so confused...

Confused and Possibly Disgusted

Dear Confused and Possibly Disgusted:
I understand your despair. Let us not forget that our Colin has also been constantly probed for the past four years.
Abbie Normal

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hatteraspainter said...

It was truly a sad day in history when our Colin left us, I'm sure it's because of all that probing. Looks pretty obvious to me, he could make far more money as a hooker. So what are we suppose to scratch now? Please don't tell me our rice patties.