Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More "Abbie Normal" Advice

Another co-worker has a question for "Abbie Normal"

Dear Abbie Normal:

My last boyfriend accused me of being clingy. I just don’t understand! All I want is to be with him. I want him call me all day and be the most important thing in his life. I know he has to work, but what’s 15 minutes every hour for him to call me! I only expect 22 text messages a day and an e-mail every now and then. Does he not understand commitment? I mean we just met 4 days ago, but it was love at first sight.

I called his mother’s phone number yesterday to inform her of the upcoming nuptials. Can you believe she didn’t even know about me?! My boyfriend was angry that I called, but I explained that it was true love and he shouldn’t worry about anything…. I would plan everything.

He just sent me an e-mail breaking up with me! Does he not understand the depth of my love? What am I going to doooooo!!!?????? He threatened a restraining order!

Should I wait for him to change his mind or take the wedding dress back? I just know he will come to his senses and realize we were meant to be together.

Love in My Eyes in Mississippi

Dear "Love in My Eyes in Mississippi"
Leave your brother alone.
Abbie Normal

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