Monday, November 29, 2004

Old (Oh-My-God) Navy

I'll say this for Old Navy, they are at least consistent in their infliction of truly horrible commercials on the television viewing public. Just when I thought they could not possibly make a more disturbing commercial than the one from last Christmas with George and Weesie, they give us this year's Christmas offering.

It's the usual nightmare inducing noise and visuals with the added twist of being just like a real nightmare. If it were my nightmare, it would end with those wretched singers (and I use the term lightly) beating each other to death with their performance fleece and half-zip pullovers while Morgan Fairchild sobs uncontrollably in the corner.


Rebecca said...

Yes the commercials are campy and over the top, made me smile the first time, but nowing have me racing for the remote so I can mute their overly happy caffiene high selves.

Lorna said...

You know, when I first saw the ON commercials for this year, I cried. I cried from joy that they were not new attempts by Morgan Fairchild to look glamorous and fail to look even sleazy. When Morgan can't make sleazy, it's time for something new. And by the way, since I discovered closed captioning isn't relegated to the deaf, I've been enjoying TV more. Few commercials have CC, but if they do, I watch them out of respect for the civic values of their otherwise evil creators.