Thursday, November 18, 2004

Making Out with Ben Affleck

Last night, I dreamed about Ben Affleck. We were making out in the back seat of a car and we just kissed and kissed and kissed. Then I woke up. So, all we did was kiss (dammit). I'm sure he had the same dream and is wondering who that great kisser in his dream was last night. At least he should have had the same dream if that crap I bought at Marie Laveau's is worth a damn.

Look out George Clooney and Jude Law. You're next.


hatteraspainter said...

Wow, that's freaky. A while back I had a dream I was making out with the bearded lady. When I awoke my mouth was full of hair and the cat had the strangest look on her. Of course I'm sure you heard by now about the time I dreamt about eating the ten pound marshmallow. Don't pay any attention to Marie Laveau, the last stuff she sold me was suppose to make me smart!

Anonymous said...

Ben Afleck Here.... I did have a dream i was kissing you , what say you join me in Beverly Hills, we get married and have little baby Aflecks?

Laurie said...

Damn, that Marie Laveau is good. However, it looks like she sent me a generic Ben "Afleck" since he couldn't spell his own name. I should have sprung for the eye of newt.