Thursday, November 25, 2004

I Have to Cook Yams Tomorrow!

Oh God! It's 1:00 a.m. and I have to cook yams tomorrow. Let me start out by saying, that I had no intention of going out tonight. I was perfectly content to put on my pajamas and sit on the couch and watch the "Ghost Hunters" marathon. However, my sister, Terry, called and I was coerced into making the trek downtown for the Thanksgiving Eve festivities. For the cost of one canned good (I brought Trappey's Jalapeno Pinto Beans) you were admitted to all venues.

I made the most of my can of beans and went into every club on Crockett Street. Unfortunately, everyone over the age of 25 was smarter than me and had stayed home (in anticipation of cooking yams, no doubt). Nonetheless, we heard some great music by Sheila Marshall at the Star Bar and Vallejo at Antone's.

I ran into one of my favorite people in the world at Antones, Andrea, a former co-worker. She said she loves my blog. Yeah me!

When I got into my car to drive home, "Back in Black" was playing. Now, that's a good way to end the night. The best tribute band I've ever seen is called "Hell's Bells" and they are, obviously, an AC/DC tribute band. When I Googled "Hell's Bells", I found out that there is a female AC/DC tribute band called "Hell's Belles". I would love to see THAT!

I'm going to bed now. I have that yam thing tomorrow morning.

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thenewmrsf said...

i feel like a celebrity! i was mentioned on Laurie's blog! and Laurie, now thanks to you, I've created one of my own. don't know how good it'll be, compared to yours, but maybe i too will jump into this confounding technology age, as it were. i just wanted to say hi, and thanks, for the acknowledgment. made me feel great. i definitely miss you, but definitely not the 'former work.' keep 'em comin!