Sunday, November 07, 2004

New Orleans Pictures - October 2004

The following are pictures Bonnie and I took in New Orleans in October. My brother Stuart and his wife Kim flew down from Arkansas with some friends and I apologize that I can't remember some of the names so I didn't use any of their names.

The family tree: My family: Laurie, son Cory, daughter-in-law Jamie; Sister Terry and her husband Dan; sister Bonnie; brother Stuart and his wife Kim.

Dan's family: Brother Phil and girlfriend Trish; sister Christi and husband Jim; brother Steve; brother Mike

Friends: Roger and Melissa; Wakelyn and Tobin

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hatteraspainter said...

Well I don’t know what happened to my post earlier today but the internet connection around here lately stinks. So I guess when I sent it out to cyberspace it got lost. WOW looks like everyone was having a great time there New Orleans. Course what’s not to love in a city that is notorious for partying. As far as not remembering everyone’s name you did very, very good with 18 people. Usually when I meet that many people in a short period of time I go into my stupid act and can’t remember anyone. Yea, your right it isn’t very nice but at least I’m fair about it and forget everyone. Thanks for sharing the pictures Mary. Hee hee hee, just kidding Laurie.