Monday, November 29, 2004

In Laurie's Brain: New Denny's Slogans

After watching a Denny's commercial for the twentieth time tonight, I noticed their slogan: "Denny's... A Good Place to Sit and Eat." My question is what slogans did they turn down before they decided on this klinker?

"Denny's...Impress Your Date...Buy a LARGE Orange Juice"

"Denny's...Like Home Cooking...If Your Mother Was a Lousy Cook"

"Denny's...Not So Bad...If You're Drunk"

"Denny's...Almost Never a Hair In Your Eggs"

1 comment:

Jen T. (that's me) said...

"Denny's...A Good Place to get Food Poisoning"

At UT, I had a group meeting at a Denny's to work brainstorm for a project. Thank God I'd already eaten. Everyone else ate there and got the worst food poisoning. I was all by my lonesome the next morning in class. :P