Friday, November 26, 2004

Confessions of a Blog Explosion Addict

Note from Laurie: This is longer than I intended, if you're a blogger, please try to make it to the end. If you're family and friends dropping by, you will think (as if you didn't already know), that I've gone hopelessly insane, and you can skip this one.

I created my blog just two months ago but it seems so much longer. In the beginning, I was writing just to write and realized I had more crap in my head begging to be put "on paper" than I could have imagined. Within a very short time, it occurred to me that my loyal audience consisted of family and friends who heaped praise upon me for my works of semi-genius.

Being aware that they were somewhat impartial, I ventured out of the security of my little cocoon to see what strangers thought of my writing. Writing is a strange and lonely business. When I write something, it sounds good to me at first, then after reading and editing it a few (hundred) times, I find it neither funny nor amusing but I hit the "publish" key anyway and hope for kindness and understanding from my readers. Please be gentle.

Soon after beginning my blog I discovered Blog Explosion by surfing through Blogger. I also put a "Stat Counter" on my blog at around the same time. In the beginning, I would surf the other blogs on Blog Explosion for the required thirty seconds to gain credits and readership. Then, I discovered banners! Wow, "readership" was up! My addiction grew. I had my blog reviewed at Weblog Review and got a good review. A monster had been born. I would look at my stat counter and find that people from all over the world were stopping by. I was a superstar!

After closer review of my stat counter, however, I realized that people were cruising through my blog quicker than shit through a goose. What the hell? In my maniacal zeal to acquire adoring fans, I decided I would buy credits. My statistics skyrocketed to the moon, sort of. Oh, happy day! But, it was an empty satisfaction.

I strongly believe in fate and karma and, while the bought credits looked good on my stat counter, they felt wrong. I had interrupted the natural order and randomness of people stumbling upon my blog when it was supposed to happen.

Therefore, I will buy no more credits. I do like the banners because I can be creative with them so I will continue to do that. And, now that I've gotten over myself, I have discovered something else. I love surfing other member's blogs. I no longer do it for the credits as I had selfishly been doing in the beginning. I truly enjoy it for the simple pleasure of seeing into other people's heads. It took me a while to get there, but I think I've accidentally stumbled upon the real beauty of Blog Explosion...reading other people's blogs. Imagine that.

Sorry, this was much longer than I intended. If you made it through to the end, thanks, and come back and see me sometime.


Kevin said...

I'm with you, it is a pleasant surprise. Isn't it?


Ann D said...

A very insightful post. Thanks!

Lorna said...

We were blog virgins at about the same time---sounds like a "B" movie, doesn't it? I can't bear to know who reads me, at the same time that I hope like hell that someone does. Thank God for my cousin Sue, who leaves voicemails saying, "Blog, damn you, blog!"

I love reading your stuff, whether it's your log or your comments, and I've caught a few of my friends and family reading you too.

I really wanted to write becuase I've been doing it all my life, one way or another, and because I was inspired by the blogged sharp wit of a young woman I thought of as sweet but dull. Online she was anything but...and of course, I'm getting to know myself (Yikes!) as I go along. Hope the yams went well. Lorna
P.S. Writing to my 5 favourite CDs. Do you know "Cowboy Junkies"? Not AC/DC but Margo Timmins is soul-searing; the first time I saw them, we were in an old high school gym, and the only lights in the place were hundreds of votive candles on stage---I almost passed out with pleasure

Laurie said...

Lorna, I just listened to some clips of Cowboy Junkies and it reminded me of some of the music they used to play on Twin Peaks. Great! I'm headed over to (don't have to get out of my sweats to shop there) and buy some of their music. You are a perfect example of what I mean by coming across someone's blog accidentally. We're definitely soul sisters. (By the way, I have a cousin who also encourages my blogging addiction.)

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know what a blog was until Lorna introduced me. Now I'm a blog addict. Reading Your and Lorna's blog is the first thing I do when I get home from work. And I have sent the links to numerous friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving

Laurie said...

Hello to you, Sue! I also have a cousin who encourages my madness. You do good work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've found some really great blogs through BE. If only just SOME of the political and advertising ones would go away I'd be so much happier though!

If you want a good laugh see our site at: :) Shameless self-promotion..... ain't it great?

Anonymous said...

I still can't get past the fact that people actually bought (and still buy) credits.

Fishing for readers is an alien concept for me ; I either have readers who found my blog on their own, and enjoy it, or I'd prefer none at all.

Congratulations on seeing the light. ;]

Uniquely Alike

Anonymous said...

that all sounded pretty familiar...cept i've only been at this for 3 days (and i haven't bought any credits yet - although i have entered the bloglottery)
and i did read the whole thing

backspin -

Anonymous said...

I joined Blog Explosion just 2 days ago. I did it for the reasons you now realize...I wanted to read other's blogs. It has been so interesting.

jayne d'Arcy said...

I'm a BE addict as well, but I went into it specifically looking for new blogs to read. I love the blogs on my blogroll, but I was finding that I was stuck in a tight-knit group of bloggers. BE changed that and I'm finding new blog reads everyday.

Anonymous said...

hey there! another BE surfer here. i must admit that what made me sign up with BE is the promise of blog exposure. i can emphatize when you said the joy you felt when you see your counter stats shoot up felt somewhat hollow. i still surf via BE but now, it's for the blogs, not the credits :)


RuKsaK said...

No, no, no doubt about it - when J.H.Christ decides to come back to us, the first thing he'll do is kick open his own blog.