Thursday, November 04, 2004

Summer Law Clerks

Every summer, law offices across the country welcome law clerks into their firms. For those of you who aren't familiar with law firm culture, summer law clerks are first and second year law students who work in law firms during the summer between their spring and fall semesters of law school.

I've been in the legal field since the fall of 1986 so the young inexperienced law students I met in the summer of 1987 (See Sex, Dogs and Audiotape) are now successful attorneys some of whom have their own firms. So, it's strange to think back to those crazy summers when they (and I) were so young. The weird thing about law clerks is how they are always 23 or 24 years old and I keep getting older and older. It's like welcoming a bunch of Peter Pan's into your life for 3 months every year.

Nevertheless, I still look forward to the arrival of these guys (and girls). Most of the time, they're from out of state and don't know anyone so the attorneys and staff do their best to keep them entertained. We only had one law clerk this past summer so we all showered him with our attention.

Andrew attended the University of South Carolina and their team mascot is the Gamecocks. Of course, we didn't believe him when he first told us this but before long, we were yelling "Go Cocks" at some baseball game on a television at the Star Bar and getting some mighty strange looks.

We had a great summer with Andrew and we still miss him.

Go Cocks!


hatteraspainter said...

Wait a minute, let me find my coon coat and I’ll go to the game with you. What’s that, they don’t wear raccoon coats anymore? Oh? And I suppose next you’re going to tell me they don’t listen to the big bands either! The school I went to didn’t have a mascot (didn’t need one) but I’m sure if we did it would have been the Hoover vacuum. Hee hee hee.

Lorna said...

I always had Communications or English students working with me in the summer---I've rescued them from crappy apartments, written lots of letters of recommendation, gone to their weddings and lent them money to get home---almost every one of them is still a friend and they've helped me and my kids move, find good restaurants in strange towns. learn how to use Front Page and make new and improved martinis. I really miss them in my retired life.....