Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Hurricane Rita Anniversary Post

I'm late by a few days, but, following Jack's lead (okay, copying his idea), I give you a rerun of my posts during Hurricane Rita. They aren't nearly as exciting as trees on houses and falling off roofs, but, they're mine. Off we go...

Weird Fortune - Part Two (9/20/05)

(Trying to) Get the Hell Out of Dodge (9/22/05)

One Last Post (9/22/05)

F**k Me Running (9/22/05)

We Made It, How About You (9/24/05)

Thanks First United Methodists (9/25/05)

House Update (9/25/05)

House Damage (9/25/05)

Adventure of the Day (9/26/05)

Have You Ever Kissed Your Car (9/27/05)

A Brief Update (9/28/05)

First Funny Story From Our Hurricane Adventure (9/29/05)

Planning to Go Home (10/1/05)

Next Year's Hurricane Names (10/2/05)

I'm Home (10/4/05)

Weird Fortune - Part Three (10/5/05)

Calm Before the Storm (10/7/05)

Poor Bastard (10/9/05)


Lorna said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday but blogger blogged me---blocked me. I remember reading those posts---they were heart-stopping and heart-wrenching, and funny. How did you do that?

Laurie said...

Lorna - The same way you do. :)