Monday, September 26, 2005

Adventure of the Day

Today, my cousin went riding in the neighborhood here in Arkansas and us flatlanders aren't used to all the hills. My mom and other cousin had to go rescue him because he was at the bottom of the hill with a flat tire and didn't have the energy to walk back here. Hahahah!

We will be heading back to Houston tomorrow to stay with my son and his wife for a while. The latest estimates on having electricity restored in Beaumont range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. When I first heard 2 weeks, I thought, "No, way!!" Now, since I've heard estimates of 6 weeks, I'm praying for 2 weeks.

I just spoke to my dad again and he said that just a couple of little pieces of siding on the back of my house are peeled back. I pictured the whole back side of my house being bare. So, that was good news.

I'll try to update again later. To quote the girlfriend in Shaun of the Dead, "Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye!"


Mary Beth said...

Be careful traveling back. Hope to see you soon.

Ed Abbey said...

That little corner of the earth just east of Bentonsville along the Buffalo River is perhaps the prettiest place in the U.S. I spend lots of time there every year. Certainly a good place to rest up before going back. Make sure you stock up on Duct Tape before heading back. It's a Red Green kind of world back there in Texas right now.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

Have fun traveling back, Laurie! I'm "hunkered down" in BR for a while, it looks like!

PS -- Red Green! I haven't watched that show in ages! Harold cracks me up!

Zina said...

Would the cousin stuck with the flat be my brother???

You need to include names for the cousins out here who would enjoy laughing at their siblings!!!!!

take care and travel safe!
love ya!

Lorna said...

I'm so relieved---I've been computerless all weekend, so didn't have your news. Did I say I'm so relieved? I've been going to bars so I could watch TV, really, and watch for news of Beaumont. There was so much coverage, I expected to see your face talking to some CNN reporter, and it made me very nervous because I just realized you'll talk like a Texan. You don't do that in my head, so it would have been a shock. Glad everything is all right and I don't have to go to any more bars.

Zina said...

Lorna, She doesn't really talk like a Texan...she's the refined one in the family!

Laurie said...

Mary Beth - I hope to see you soon, too!

Ed - Red Green! I haven't thought of that in a while!

Jen - I hope to see you (along with Mary Beth and everybody at work) very soon!!

Zina - Yep, it was Chris. Hee hee.

Lorna - Please don't stop going to bars on my account.

Zina - Thanks for protecting my cover.

Susan in St. Paul said...

Lorna, she doesn't talk like a Texan, she talks like a Laurie, really, I know... definitely a Laurie!

Seriously, she sounded totally normal to me, not quite Winnepeg, but...

Ed Abbey said...

That would be bizarre....Laurie with a deep southern drawl. It just doesn't fit my mental picture.

Shelli said...

I have been thinking of you and your family since the storm. I know that sounds strange...I don't even know you personally but I really enjoy reading all your posts so I guess I feel like I do. If you need anything let me know...Katy may seem like the other side of the world from Beaumont but it really isn't.

Stephen said...

Glad you and your family are doing well. I follow your blog daily. My family is from New Orleans, and the vast majority of them lost everything. Most of them lived in Lakeview, and it was under quite a bit of water, not to mention that is where the 17th St. levee ruptured. All are OK though, most in Baton Rouge, and the rest in Eunice. Take care.

Sophmom said...

Laurie, I'm so sorry that this happened. Travel safely. My thought remain with all of you guys who have been so powerfully affected by these storms.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

The old bad news/good news trick, huh? Very glad to see your house survived mostly intact, Laurie.

Morris said...

I hope you are okay! I heard about that drive by shooting on 5th street.

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

Laurie said...

Susan, Ed (and Lorna) - I think I'll have to do a little audio post when this is all over.

Shelli - I feel the same way about you guys. I definitely consider you all as my friends.

Stephen - I'm so sorry but I'm glad all your people are okay. Louisiana has really taken the brunt of all of this.

Sophmom - Thanks. It'll all be okay soon.

Old Horsetail - Man, me too.

Morris - I hadn't heard about that. I need to tell my friend Wang Chi and my dad to stay indoors.