Friday, September 29, 2006

Zombie Walk

Did you know that cities all over the world have people who organize Zombie Walks? I didn't. If I had any ambition at all, I would organize one for Beaumont. One of the most entertaining movies you'll ever watch is Shaun of the Dead. If you don't have it, don't even bother renting it. Just pop over to Amazon and buy it. You won't regret it.

Click here for the Zombie Rules of Conduct for a Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh.

Click here for a Wikipedia article about Zombie Walks.

Click here to find out if there are any Zombie Walks in your area or if you want to plan a Zombie Walk.


gawilli said...

Nope had not heard of this. Looks like fun though. I'll have to pass this along!

stickboybob said...

that is the coolest thing ive ever seen!

Daisy Mae said...

I absolutely LOVE the movie Shaun of the dead. That was soooo funny. Definately a cult classic! Now I want to go and rent it again.

Laurie said...

Gawilli - Yes! We all need more zombies.

Stickboybob - Isn't it?

Daisy Mae - Buy it!

Marie-Claude said...

is there anything to relate with Carnaval fests

OK, if that does help people to feel good !

Nomad said...

hue, Marie-Claude, is me !

Laurie said...

Nomad/Marie-Claude - I don't know but it sure looks like fun to me. :)