Saturday, September 30, 2006

Plan B - Viva Laurie Vegas

My two favorite (non-Texas) cities are New Orleans and Las Vegas. Plan A would be to live in the French Quarter. Plan A is waaaaay out of my price range.

This morning I watched a couple of episodes of Caesars 24/7. It's a reality show, obviously, filmed at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It renewed my desire to wildly and impulsively chuck my current life and live a new one.

Due to upcoming petroleum industry construction projects, there is about to be a housing shortage in southeast Texas. I'm thinking I could eventually (when the housing crunch hits) lease my townhouse fully furnished for about $500 a month more than my current mortgage, insurance and condo fees.

I'm just one person. I don't eat much and, if I leave all my crap behind, I don't need much room. Ergo, why couldn't I get a job in Las Vegas, add the $500 profit from leasing my townhouse, and live a fairly comfortable bohemian lifestyle Vegas-style?

Why the hell not?


gawilli said...

I sure love New Orleans though...I would probably kill my self there of overindulgence.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

Can I come crash at your pad whenever you get "settled" in VegasOrleans?

cindybindy said...

Living at Caesar's Palace sounds great. I fell in love with Caesar's in Atlantic City and figure I can "home school" employee children in exchange for room and board. Just think, if you're lucky at the Black Jack table, you could live comfortably (for a month or two :)

Laurie said...

Gawilli - Yeah, New Orleans is also closer for visits, both to and from.

Jen - Oh, HELL YEAH!!

CindyBindy - Now you're thinking. At first I thought I wouldn't work doing law related work if I moved to Vegas. Then I realized that would probably be the best paying job for me and the legal work would probably be much more interesting out there. Personal injury work for a casino would probably be hilarious...most of the time.