Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Amazing Melissa...Oh, and Buddy Guy

The Buddy Guy concert was fantastic. My sister is a big blues guitar fan. I'm more a fan of the singing and the lyrics. I especially like the blues songs which consist of down and dirty lyrics. An example from tonight's show, sung perfectly by Buddy Guy, "One leg is to the east...the other is to the west...I'm here in the middle...just tryin' to do my best."

I had, evidently, purchased tickets in the "Falling Down Drunks Section." There was a drunk, drunk, drunk guy in front of me standing on his chair and when he went to sit back down, he fell on the lady sitting next to him. A not-so-drunk guy sitting next to me almost fell off his chair. So, being the kind and caring person I am, I held on to his belt loop for the duration of the song. When his wife got back from the restroom, he told her I saved his life. She didn't seem impressed.

The best fall of the evening, however, goes to the lovely Melissa. As she was coming back from buying a beer, she miscalculated the run versus the rise ratio of the steps and fell to her knees. It all happened in slow motion. I saw her going down but there was nothing I could do. Being the professional drinker she is, she gracefully set her beer down on the step in front of her right before her knees went crashing to the ground. As men from each side of the aisle rushed to help her, I reached down and grabbed her beer and casually walked back to my seat. As she sat beside me, I said, "I saved your beer." She looked at it and said, "Didn't spill a drop." We were so proud.

The image below is a picture of a bunch of us walking down Bourbon Street on one of our many New Orleans trips.
From left to right: Melissa, Laurie, Kim (in the back), Stu, Christi, Roger's head (in the back) and Terry.


gnightgirl said...

I listened to the Buddy Guy video you posted; I'm so jealous!

First of all, what's with the ungrateful wife?!

You and Melissa are quite a team; nice save on that beer, on both of your parts. That was close.

Laurie said...

GnightGirl - It was a great show. Regarding the ungrateful wife, I definitely got the feeling that this poor guy gets accused of being overly friendly on a semi-regular basis.