Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another Night, Another Concert at Courville's

I just got back from another fine evening of food and Texas music at Courville's with my good friend Jack. The gumbo and fried catfish were outstanding as were the ever present cheesy mashed taters.

The main act was a guy named Brian Burns who is as fine a guitar picker as I have ever seen. Strange as it might sound, my favorite song of the evening was a lovely ballad about cockfighting.

He also does an interesting musical rendition of the letter William B. Travis wrote at the Alamo. Anyone who had to take Texas history remembers it as that damn letter we had to memorize in the seventh grade.

There was an odd coincidence for me associated with that song. The opening act, which I enjoyed very much, was a guy named Scuddy Loupe on guitar and a lady on fiddle. (Sorry, can't remember her name.) The coincidence is that I went to elementary school with Scuddy's younger brothers. The name of the school: William B. Travis Elementary.

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