Saturday, September 23, 2006

Miscellaneous Blather

Happy Birthday Sean and Alec

Happy birthday Sean and Alec. Sean, last year we were evacuated to Arkansas and were able to share your birthday with you. Sorry we couldn't make it this year but, you'll forgive me if I say I'm happy we didn't HAVE to be in Arkansas this year. Love you!

What the Fuck Was That?!

My very heavy bedroom drapes and curtain rods just fell down right across my antique dresser making a horrible noise and scaring the crap out of me. A couple of breakable goo-gahs were strewn across my bedroom floor but, oddly, nothing was broken. Hmmm....

I'm Cleaning Out My Closets, Dammit!

Dammit, I'm going to clean out my closets. I am one person in a house with four HUGE closets and every one of them is stuffed to the top. Ridiculous.

I bitch because I have no kitchen cabinet space, yet I have enough dishes and Rubbermaid to sustain a family of eight. Absurd.

Last year, my little sister lost almost everything in her townhouse because her shingles were ripped off during Hurricane Rita causing gaping holes in her roof. I'm going to clean this place out like someone who just lost a roof, dammit.


Lorna said...

when you've got one cleaned out, can I use it for my shoes?

cindybindy said...

Laurie: I know of what you speak. I too live alone in a four bedroom house with extra closets placed strategically. They are all full and my shoes live by the front door. Something has to be done ! :)

Laurie said...

Lorna - Yes! Then, you'll have to pop down here every day to choose your shoes. Canada and Texas aren't that far apart, right?

Cindy - Maybe we need to form a Closets Anonymous group.