Monday, September 04, 2006

Fun Times in Antarctica - The 300 Club

I have a blogging friend who is working in Antarctica. His name is Neal and that's him on the right in the picture below. If you've ever wondered what people do with their spare time at the South Pole, you should check out his blog. This is what they do when the temperature dips down to a "bone" chilling -100F:

When the temperature drops to -100F (-73C) we turn the sauna up to 200F (93C). We disrobe and sit inside the sauna naked until we feel like we're cooked then go outside to the pole. The experience gives us a 300F degree (160C) change in temperature in a matter of seconds.

(Hubba, hubba)


Sophmom said...

HOLY FRICKING COW! LMAO! The things some folks (in some places) will do to entertain themselves, entertaining us in the process. Thanks for sharing that one, Laurie. LOL.

Popeye said...

OK, this just seems like a bad idea. . .

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Sylvana said...


I grew up in a northern WI town and there were a few times that the temperature got down to -70°F and that was f'n COLD!!! That was snot-to-icicle in 0.01 sec COLD!! That was not naked-cold! That was freeze-your-extremities-off cold. Extremities - as in these guys' smiley faces.

TexasGal said...

kinda like that movie that i just saw..the one with the sled dogs. By the way...I wonder if the size of the smilie faces means anything...come know you thought it too!

Laurie said...

Sophmom - You're welcome. :)

Popeye - Especially for men

1 million - Nice idea.

Sylvana - It's pretty crazy alright.

Texas Gal - Who, me?

Nomad said...

they must have a strong heart !

Peter said...

To each their own Laurie!!

so said...

Ah...another birthday present...this one from Neal! :)

Happy Birthday!

Laurie said...

Peter - Brrrrrrrrrrr.

SO - :) (That's some long legs.)