Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sea Monkey Sex in the Underwater City

Some of my Sea-Monkeys have acquired sufficiently distinct personalities that I am now able to name them. I've been continuously listening to the new classic rock radio station (thank you Rock and Roll Gods for smiling down on us lowly Beaumonters at last), which has influenced the names of my luvva's who are still amorously attached. They shall forever be known as Eric and Layla.

There is another copulating couple in the tank but I think they are both females. I didn't even know that was possible in Sea-Monkey world but, there you go. For obvious reasons, they are Anne and Ellen. Even though Anne has rebuked her lesbian sisters, her brief foray into lesbianism will be forever memorialized in my little Sea-Monkey kingdom. Not forever, actually, but at least until one or the other of them croaks.

The only other distinctly recognizable character in my tank is a totally, insane male with white flowing Sea-Monkey legs and white flowing Sea-Monkey hair. He's the biggest Sea-Monkey in the tank and I thought he would surely be the first male to score, so to speak. However, he has no interest in the females and spends all of his time swimming berzerkly around the tank crashing into the other defenseless Sea-Monkeys as well as crashing into the side of the tank. I swear he stares at me with his big, black wide-set Sea-Monkey eyes. He's totally creepy. He is Nick Nolte.


Lorna said...

Nice call on the name for the creepy and possibly eunuchy Sea Monkey; my other possibility would have been Billy Idol

Abby Taylor said...

Perhaps some sea monkey drug testing for steroids is in order.