Monday, February 14, 2005

Los Lonely Boys and Franz Ferdinand

I watched some of the Grammys last night and was thrilled to see Los Lonely Boys win best performance by a duo or group. We've seen them at Antones several times and the song they won the Grammy for, Heaven, is the least of what they can do. All three brothers are incredible musicians and very nice guys. I guess we'll never see them in as intimate a setting as Antone's again.

I was also intrigued by the new group Franz Ferdinand who sang during the opening. They reminded me of a mixture of The Dave Clark Five, Duran Duran and Devo. I kept imagining the young clean-cut guitar player in a bar trying to convince women he's not only in a rock band but in a rock band opening the Grammys.

Chickie: "So what do you do? Accountant?"
Rock Star: "No, I'm in a band."
Chickie: "Oh. How nice. What sort of band?"
Rock Star: "Rock and roll. We're huge in Europe."
Chickie: "I'm sure you are." (She starts scanning the room for real rock stars.)
Rock Star: "No, really, we're opening the Grammys."
Chickie: "Dude, I want some of what you're toking."

Then I picture Chickie sitting at home Sunday night flipping over to the Grammys and seeing the accountant/rock star she blew off in living color opening the show.

Chickie: "F**k me running. The little dweeb was telling the truth."


Lorna said...

Yay!!! Los Lonely Boys! when I get to Antone's, I'm going to be expecting to see something phenomenal...and Dave would like it if we could see both amazing music and Penelope Cruz

Laurie said...

Hey, Lorna! I'll give Penelope a call. I'm sure I have her number lying around here somewhere. I'll suck it up and call George Clooney if I have to.

Deek Deekster said...

Franz F are (like the Average White Band) Scottish and destined for greatness. A proper Rock/Pop act, first in a long while.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Los Lonely Boys