Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bad Karma

My stapler committed suicide at work today. I was stapling like a maniac and it didn't just quit working, it exploded. The top popped open and pieces of metal flew all over the place. I grabbed a new one out of the supply closet but it sucked so I traded it with the one that sits by the small copier. Don't tell anyone.

The small copier isn't too far from my office and I'm getting way too much enjoyment out of listening to people cuss when they try to staple more than six pieces of paper together with the piece of crap stapler. Ah, cheap thrills, the best kind.


JK said...

It's amazing the lengths we'll go to amuse ourselves at work.

Astrid said...

Oh, you naughty girl, it is a good things my lips got stappled together for otherwise I would speak up and tell all !!!! Now go and stand in the corner and feel ashamed of yourself! Haha ... Miles of smiles, Astrid.