Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What Women Really Discuss Before Going Out

Several months ago, two of my friends from work and I were planning a night out. All details had been decided except the "when." Brunehilda (not her real name) and I could not get a straight answer out of Shagundala (also not her real name) as to when she would meet us. Try as we might, all we could get out of her was, "I'll be there later." After much tormenting, threatening and generally making her life miserable for the rest of the day, Brunehilda finally admitted that she had to go to the mall to buy a new bra.

"Ah, hoping to get lucky?", I asked.

"No," she said, "Just optimistic."

So, ladies, we now have a much more appropriate name for our Wonderbras and Victoria's Secret and all the other gorgeous, uncomfortable, sexy and sometimes downright painful things we wear beneath our clothes -- "Optimistic Underwear."

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