Saturday, October 23, 2004

An Un-Blogworthy Evening

I went out to Crockett Street after work Friday night with some people from the office. Try as we might, we couldn't get into or start any mischief. About 8:30 p.m., a disgustingly early hour, we stood in the street trying to decide what our next move would be. At this point it was me, Chris, Jen, Davie and Lela.

We decided that a couple (few?) martinis at TEN and dinner at Spindletop (grilled catfish, delicious) would have to do for the night. Lela protested that she wanted to be in the blog and nothing had happened, yet. Davie replied that, "Laurie will write something." Chris said, "Oh, no. Tonight was not blogworthy."

I was touched that our evenings out shall now be rated as either "blogworthy" or "not blogworthy." Party on, Garth.

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Anonymous said...

Jen here, Laurie. I am so ashamed. What a bunch of losers! Headed home at 8:30. We might as well have been on Sesame Street, not Crockett Street... Ooh ooh! I get to be Grover!