Sunday, October 10, 2004

Lyrically Speaking

I was just driving home listening to my favorite B. B. King CD (How Blue Can You Get? Classic Live Performances 1964 to 1994). Buy it. Buy it now. Two of the best lyrics on the CD:

  • From "How Blue Can You Get" - "I gave you a brand new Ford, you said you wanted a Cadillac. I gave you seven children, and you want to give them back."
  • From "Rock Me Baby" - "Rock me baby. Rock me all night long. Rock me baby, like my back ain't got no bone."

Oh yeah.

While I'm on the subject of lyrics, here's my vote for dumbest lyric of all time:

  • From "Careless Whisper" (Wham) - "I'm never gonna dance again. Guilty feet have got no rhythm."

Huh? If that's your idea of a catchy lyric, dancin' is the least of your problems.

1 comment:

Lorna said...

I always thought it was "Got these feet that got no rhythm"; That doesn't seem quite so lame---pun fully and gleefully intended.