Sunday, October 31, 2004

Beaumont Rockin' Blues Festival - Day Two

With apologies to Bo Diddley and The Southeast Texas Arts Council, I never made it further than my couch, today, switching between History's Mysteries, Weird Travels and The E! True Hollywood Story: Poltergeist. Halloween television, I love it!


hatteraspainter said...

Hi Ms.Anderson; First would you mind if I called you Laruie? I couldn’t help read through your blog because your writing style is so interesting. Haven’t read many of your pages as yet but you have definitely add your own twist on things for sure. I’m not much on tv, cuts into my computer time. In fact everything cuts into my computer time so friends say I’ve died. And this jim doesn’t listen to them. Or that’s what I think they say.

hatteraspainter said...

Make that Laurie... Sorry!

Laurie said...

You may certainly call me Laurie. Ms. Anderson would be my ex-husband's mother.