Monday, October 18, 2004

New Orleans Celebrity Sighting

While in New Orleans this weekend, we discovered a place to get the best hamburger I have ever tasted. It's called Alibi's and it's on Iberville about half a block north of Bourbon Street. It was absolutely delicious and if you're ever in the neighborhood you should pop in.

When we were leaving Alibi's at about midnight Thursday a cold front had come through so we were rushing back to our hotel which was about three blocks east down Bourbon. My brother's hotel was on Conti which is about halfway to our hotel. At Conti, my brother split off from the group to go to his hotel.

We kept walking toward our hotel when I hear Stuart shouting at us. I turned around and my brother is running toward us. He's shouting, "Hey guys! You have to check out the scene at the Famous Door. Juliette Lewis is on stage and the place is going wild." I have never heard my brother say anything remotely like "check out the scene." I guess he was inspired by "the scene" as it were.

So, Stuart takes off running back to the Famous Door. I take off running after Stuart. Ordinarily, I don't run. When I run, bad things happen. I've broken bones while walking across the reception area at my office so I don't push my luck. But, dammit, if Stuart can throw around lingo like "the scene", the least I can do is run.

When we get to the Famous Door, it was more like pandemonium than "a scene." The Famous Door is a small club and the stage is right by the door as you walk in and it's only about waist high off the floor. And, by God, there she was. Little Audrey from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" was up there on the stage right in front of me singing her ass off. The girl rocked.

I have no idea what she was doing there, how she got on the stage or how she got off the stage. It was all over as quickly as it began but it was one of the coolest things I've ever "scene", I mean seen.


Lorna said...

Laurie, or is it Laurie Kay?, I loved your New Orleans photos, and wanted to ask if you use the "Hello" software to get them up on your blog. I tried it but had some trouble with it, and don't know if the problem is with the software, or me...

About your Juliette Lewis experience. I had read that she has a band with an unusual name, and that she's quite a rocker/contortionist on stage. I always think of her in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?. Isn't it something to unexpectedly see someone like that? A few years ago, I was in the Three Small Rooms Hotel in Toronto drinking tea in the lounge, and I could hear someone half-singing, half-humming and playing the piano in the bar. I went in and spent an amazing half hour watching Boz Skaggs noodling around. heaven.

Laurie said...

I do use "Hello" and it works fine for me.

I'm just plain Laurie. I use all my names (including maiden - Ransonette) to distinguish myself from the performance artist Laurie Anderson and in case relatives or high school classmates should look for me.

Joshua K said...

I think it's called Juliette and The Licks.


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Laurie said...

Joshua - I think that's it. Thanks.