Sunday, October 31, 2004

Led Zepland

I love tribute bands. We have a club in Beaumont called Antone's which books all sorts of live music. Some of our favorites are Fondue Monks, Cam Pyle Band, Jive Train and Chris LeBlanc Band. We also saw Los Lonely Boys there several times but they're getting pretty famous now so I don't know if that will happen again.

I love the tribute bands though. We've seen excellent performances by Hell's Bells (AC/DC) and No Quarter (Led Zeppelin). We've also seen tributes to Pink Floyd, KISS, Rush and Dave Matthews.

This past Friday, there was another Led Zeppelin tribute band playing but I didn't go because I was getting sick. The name of their group is Led Zepland. Last night, after leaving the Blues Festival we walked over to Crockett Street for the big annual Halloween party. Me and my sister, Terry, and her husband, Dan, ran into Dan's brother Steve who mentioned that Led Zepland was going to be playing at the Holidome at a private Halloween party that night.

Yes, we crashed the party. It was around 11:00 p.m. by the time we got there and since everyone was in costume, no one seemed to notice or care that we didn't belong there. The band was amazing. If you ever hear that Hell's Bells or Led Zepland are playing in your area, you must go. Even bad tribute bands are unintentionally great entertainment but when the band consists of amazing musicians, it's a real treat.

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